Re-invitation For Prequalification For The Installation Of An IT-supported Asset Management System In The Water Supply And Sewerage Sector Of Grenada

PR – The following request is a Re-invitation for the prequalification of firms to solicit proposals for the Installation  of an IT-supported Asset Management System in the Water Supply and Sewerage Sector of Grenada.  Firms that have already submitted Pre-qualification documents are encouraged to submit additional  information that may have been previously omitted. 

The Government of Grenada, in partnership with the German Development Corporation (GIZ), is  implementing the Project Climate-Resilient Water Sector in Grenada (G-CREWS). The project is jointly  financed by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature  Conservation and Consumers Protection (BMUV), under its International Climate Initiative (IKI) and the  Government of Grenada, with the main objective of increasing systemic climate change resilience in  Grenada’s water sector.  

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) is a statutory body responsible for the municipal  water supply and wastewater management on the island of Grenada.  

The purpose of this Request for Prequalification (RFPre) is to solicit proposed solutions for software and  services to meet NAWASA’s integrated digital solution for: 

  1. a) Improving the operations of the departments Transmission and Distribution (T&D), Planning and  Development, and Production and Quality (P&Q) toward a more digital and integrated IT- supported  Asset Management. 
  2. b) Addressing significant aspects of the company’s Non-revenue water (NRW) concerns c) Improving customer service delivery 

As part of the project NAWASA has decided to implement effective Asset Management (AM) Practices with  the main objective of improving its level of service and business performance through adopting an integrated  approach to monitoring, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively.  

It is considered important that AM practices will be implemented in parallel with the new infrastructure  projects so as (a) to be able to capture the works in the Asset Registers in a timely manner both for Technical  and Financial purposes and (b) to build capacity within the organization to be able to manage, operate and  maintain the newly acquired assets. 

The overall benefits expected are: 

  • Improved management in terms of technical and financial asset registers, preventive maintenance,  data and evidence-based management decisions, best practice standards, procedures and  workflows  
  • Better services in terms of improved customer services, service delivery (pressures, quality, less  breakdown time)
  • Financial benefit in terms of increased revenues, reduced wastage and internal leakage, reduced  maintenance and rehabilitation costs 

Specifically, the project aims to provide a solution that can address the following:  

  • Installing a comprehensive software package to assist on the improvement of the Asset  Management, Operation and Maintenance, Non-revenue of water and customer services  
  • Secure linkages to the existing billing software, 
  • Having a combined GIS/Data Management System based on respective GIS software prescribed  needs, with linkage to operation and maintenance, customer and financial databases  
  • Ensure the use of digital forms as much as practically possible for ease of workflow including work  orders and asset management  
  • Requisite GIS-oriented training on aspects of the proposed software solution and integration.  

We are interested in a modern system architecture that promotes the exchange and extraction of information  by utility staff. The replacement of NAWASA’s current financial software is not within the scope of this  procurement. Experience integrating with NorthStar CIS (Customer Information System), or similar systems is preferable.  

We estimate that the implementation of the solution will take approximately 18 months to complete.  Based on a comprehensive analysis of the current situation (procedures, existing software, capacities) the  implementation project will include all internal and external activities required to configure and deploy the  new application as well as technical specifications and tasks for building and maintaining system interfaces, and integrations with critical utility applications (financials, GIS, outage management, SCADA, etc…). 

The following criteria will be considered in the prequalification phase:  

  1. a) Experiences in advisory services in the context of Asset Management of Water Companies (20%) b) Experiences in software development in context of Asset Management of Water Companies (60%) c) Size of company (staff size and annual turnover) (20%) 

Any COMPANY who is interested in providing the above-mentioned services is requested to submit the  documents listed below: 

Note: All documents have to be organized according to the below scheme and shall not exceed the below  mentioned number of pages. 

  1. a) Provide introduction of the company and/or the consortium applying (max. 2 pages) 
  2. b) Provide the copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, place of  registration (Company Certificate), principal place of business and written power of attorney of  the signatory. All documents should be updated. (max. 6 pages)
  3. c) Provide main references of accomplished similar projects within the last and not more than  three (3) years. (max. 10 pages) 
  4. d) Provide the total value of services performed for each of the last three (3) years. (one page per  year) 
  5. e) Statements of financial capacity showing annual turnover within the last three (3) years  (Statement of turnover or annual tax statement of the last three (3) years) (one page per year) 
  6. f) Provide numbers of and specification of own key employees (max 10 pages) g) Provide proof, that the consultant is observing international labour laws (one page) 
  7. h) Provide Affidavit that the firm has not been black listed by any Government, Semi -Government,  international development institution & private institute nor involved in any litigation in the  current or during the last three (3) years must be recently released. (one page) 

After receipt of all documents NAWASA will prepare a short list of maximum eight (8) eligible bidders to  submit their technical and financial offers. 

NAWASA reserves the right to check other sources available to verify information submitted in the pre qualification applications. If an Applicant knowingly makes a misrepresentation, or an omission of a material  fact, in submitting information to NAWASA, such misrepresentation or omission may be sufficient grounds  for denying pre-qualification to that Applicant, rescinding the Applicant’s pre-qualification, rejecting an  Applicant. 

The selection of shortlisted bidders will be done according to the criteria mentioned before. 

Based on their Expression of Interest, the short-listed COMPANIES will receive a Bill of Quantity as well as  the Terms of Reference to prepare financial offer. 

NAWASA requests eligible bidders to submit their Expression of Interest and the above listed documents to and in cc: and Please make the subject line of  your email communication: “PQ – IT-SUPPORTED ASSET MANAGEMENT”. 

Bidders are advised that they are not required to submit any technical or price offer, or any unrequested  documents. Kindly note that the request for the offer with all relevant information will only be sent to the  short-listed bidders. 

Prequalification documents should be sent to NAWASA as electronic file, no later than Tuesday, April 11th,  2023. Please make sure to get an acknowledgment receipt response after sending the documents. 

Contact Information 

Name: Mr. Whyme Cox 

Title: Manager – Planning and Development Department 


P.O. Box 392 Lucas Street, St. George’s GRENADA, W.I.

St. George’s Grenada