NAWASA’s Response To Concerns Expressed By The GPWU On Union Negotiations

PR –  NAWASA has received the communique from the  Grenada Public Workers Union (GPWU) expressing their concerns and demands for the resumption of  union negotiations. 

Our Management and Board of Directors remain committed to engaging in constructive dialogue with the  GPWU to work toward a resolution that aligns with the best interests of all involved.  

NAWASA commits to engaging the Union to finalize the schedule to complete negotiations. This schedule  aims to provide a conducive platform for discussions, ensuring that the interests of all parties are  adequately represented and considered. 

As an essential utility service provider, NAWASA is committed to maintaining a harmonious working  environment and upholding the welfare of our valued employees. Simultaneously, the Authority is equally  committed to ensuring the sustainability and efficient operations of NAWASA for the benefit of our  customers and the communities we serve. 

NAWASA kindly requests the understanding and patience of all stakeholders as we progress through this  negotiation process and remains dedicated to finding a fair and equitable resolution that aligns with our  shared goals and values.