Grenlec Responding Urgently As Inclement Weather Continues To Disrupt Electricity Service

PR – Grenlec is mobilisng additional crews to respond to customer faults that have resulted from inclement weather late afternoon on Friday, 3 September and into the evening.

Grenlec’s crews successfully restored service to customers affected by poor weather on the evening of 2 September, however the continuation of the bad weather led to additional outages.

The weather overnight, including strong winds, broke trees and caused pockets of area outages, too many for the overnight crew to manage.

While the Company would ordinarily operate with a skeleton crew over the weekend, it is mobilising additional crews to respond urgently to the service outages that have been reported.

We apologise for the inconvenience of interruptions and assure customers that we will work to restore their service in the shortest possible time.

We urge customers to continue to call 237 to report any outages.