GHTA And NAWASA Collaborate To Address Water Supply Challenges During Dry Season 

PR – In response to ongoing challenges faced by businesses in  the tourism sector during the dry season, the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA)  convened a collaborative meeting with the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) to  discuss critical issues related to water supply. 

The meeting, held on Monday, April 15th, brought together hotel members of the GHTA and key  representatives from NAWASA to strategize on mitigating risks associated with water scarcity.  Terrence Smith, acting General Manager of NAWASA, warmly welcomed participants and  emphasized the importance of proactive measures in addressing water supply challenges. During the session, Ernest Bruno and Lendon Bullen from NAWASA provided valuable insights into  the specific challenges faced during the dry season and outlined actions to address these issues.  Jamila Lewis and Wendy Chasteau shared NAWASA’s communication strategy, stressing the  importance of collaboration between NAWASA and hotels in addressing water supply concerns. 

As part of NAWASA’s strategy to mitigate risks, hoteliers were encouraged to take several  proactive steps. Firstly, hotels were advised to monitor and record their water levels regularly,  ensuring they maintain a minimum of six days’ water supply. Additionally, hoteliers were urged to  increase their water storage capacity to enhance resilience during periods of water scarcity. To further conserve water resources, it was recommended that hotels retrofit their plumbing  systems to improve efficiency and reduce water wastage. Moreover, hoteliers were encouraged to  practice water augmentation by implementing rainwater harvesting systems, aiming for a 15%  increase in water supply through sustainable practices. In an effort to support NAWASA’s  initiatives, hotels were requested to collect and submit data on their water usage patterns. This  data will assist NAWASA in implementing targeted measures to reduce water issues during the dry  season effectively. 

Arlene Friday, CEO of GHTA, expressed gratitude to NAWASA for initiating the collaborative  meeting and involving hotels in this critical discussion. She emphasized the importance of closer  collaboration between NAWASA and the tourism sector to ensure effective dissemination of  information and the collection of necessary data.

The collaborative efforts between GHTA and NAWASA underscore a shared commitment to  sustainable water management and resilience-building within Grenada’s tourism industry. By  working together, stakeholders aim to proactively address water supply challenges and enhance  the resilience of the tourism sector to the impacts of climate change.