Challenges Persist For Mt. Horne, Peggy’s Whim, And Mt. Reuil Water Systems Following Recent Rains

PR – Following the recent heavy rainfall impacting the eastern and northern sides of the island, several water systems encountered challenges in their infrastructure. While Mirabeau has returned to full operation, significant hurdles remain for Mt. Horne, Peggy’s Whim, and Mt. Reuil.

Mt. Horne continues to grapple with substantial blockage due to silt accumulation in its dam, affecting its operational capacity. Work to address this issue has commenced with teams undertaking necessary restoration measures.

Similarly, Peggy’s Whim faces a halt in restoration efforts due to the dam’s siltation. Clearing this blockage is imperative before restoration work can resume. Additionally, Mt. Reuil suffered damage to its transmission lines, causing disruptions in its services. Our teams are actively engaged in repair work to restore full functionality swiftly. For the Mirabeau Water System, we are happy to advise that this system is currently operating without any hindrances.

NAWASA will provide an update on restoration efforts during the day and thank affected consumers for their patience and understanding during the restoration process.