Gully Bop’s Wife May Not Attend His Funeral

(JAMAICA STAR) – Deborrah Nicholson-Malcolm, estranged wife of entertainer Gully Bop, says although she loved him with her whole being, she may not be attending his funeral service.

Gully Bop, given name Robert Lee Malcolm, passed away last month following a series of illnesses.

“I am pretty sure I am not coming to the funeral after the back and forth with some of his family. I have been talking to them and they are not answering me. I love Robert to death but I am not going through that. I have been reaching out and people are getting an attitude and saying that I am the problem, but I am not the problem. I am entitled to ask questions because Robert is married to me,” Nicholson-Malcolm told THE STAR. When asked about a possible date for the funeral, one close relative of the artiste said that one had been decided, but would not share it yet.

After his musical rebirth in 2014, the entertainer was linked with many women. But in 2018, he declared that he was throwing the Casanova lifestyle away and that he had found love with Nicholson-Malcolm.

She said she and Bop got married in a private and intimate ceremony in January 2018. The first several months were filled with love and happy memories. She described the late entertainer as being comical. But during a visit later that year, things turned sour.

“Robert was the apple of my eye and he was very gentle. But his birthday was approaching later down in 2018, and he told me to come down. But I didn’t want to as I had just left Jamaica. I came down and I spent a portion of money to fix his car and clear up his outstanding tickets. One night we went roller skating and he brought along his entourage and we got to the place and I had to pay for everybody and when we went to the rink, I had to pay for everybody to go roller skating,” she said.

“Soon after he told me he was ready and I asked him why and he said I embarrassed him because I didn’t even buy him and his friends nothing to drink. To make a long story short, he left me that night and it was the people that I was with took me home,” she added. She said they argued and the following day, things turned physical, alleging that he pinned her down and punched her until her eyes were black.

Gully Bop was taken into custody on June 8, 2018 after Nicholson-Malcolm made a report against him at the Morant Bay Police Station, stating that he beat and slapped her in the face during a dispute in Nuts River in St Thomas, where he was reportedly living. She said that Gully Bop was given two years’ probation.

“I left Jamaica shortly after that,” Nicholson-Malcolm said.

She said she last saw the deejay in 2019 but kept in contact with him for a while. She said she continued to assist him where she could but eventually stopped.