ACB Grenada Bank Announces Its Inaugural SGU Scholarship Programme Awardees

PR – ACB Grenada Bank, in collaboration with St. George’s University is happy to announce Najila Woodroffe of Westerhall, St. David as its 2023 scholarship recipient.  To celebrate this first year of the programme, a special one off Bursary award was granted to shortlisted candidate, Ebone’ Sylvester.

The ACB Grenada Bank / St. George’s University Undergraduate Scholarship Programme is awarded to an outstanding student who exhibits remarkable academic achievements, exceptional leadership qualities, and a strong commitment to making a positive impact in their community. Najila has exemplified these traits throughout her academic journey, making her a deserving candidate for this esteemed award. The scholarship will go towards Najila’s cost of tuition for her final two years of study. 

Carriacou’s Ebone’ Sylvester also impressed the interview panel which comprised of ACB Scholarship Committee Members, and a representative from SGU. Ebone’ demonstrated passion and ongoing commitment to her studies. To celebrate the inauguration of the scholarship program, the committee took the decision to award her with a special one off Bursary to offset her expenses.

“We at St. George’s University are truly thrilled to be partnering with ACB Grenada Bank to provide Grenadians with additional access to our quality international education. We thank the Bank’s leadership for their vision in extending this scholarship program to Grenada and look forward to a long and rewarding partnership.”- Mr. Colin Dowe, Associate Dean of Admissions, St. George’s University.

Najila is pursuing a BSc in International Business and her current GPA is 3.89. Najila has a keen interest in volunteerism. In 2019, she founded Donation Station, a small non-profit organization aimed at assisting Grenadians affected by devastating disasters. Bursary awardee, Ebone’ Sylvester was born and raised in Carriacou. She indicated that growing up near the beach influenced her field of study in Marine Biology and Wildlife Conservation. Ebone’s extracurricular activities include Guiding Moment, Eco and PBSO. 

ACB Grenada Bank’s Country Manager, Ms. Kara Warner remarked “This Scholarship Program is testament to ACB Caribbean Group’s commitment to providing opportunities and nurturing talent. While recognizing the awardees’ accomplishments, the programme provides financial assistance to pursue their educational aspirations without undue burden. It was our pleasure to extend the one off bursary to an additional candidate to commemorate the inaugural year of this programme.

We extend warmest congratulations to Najila and Ebone’. Their dedication and passion serve as an inspiration to fellow students and the wider community”