Grenada To Establish National Security Council

(CMC) – The Grenada government is to establish a national security council that will be tasked with formulating strategies and policies to safeguard citizens.

“It will be required to create and implement a comprehensive national security policy and strategy for Grenada that will underscore the country’s security goals and priorities,” Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell said in a radio and television broadcast on Thursday night.

He said that Cabinet had taken “|a significant step towards enhancing our approach to safety and national security by establishing a national security council steering committee,” comprising “dedicated and skilled individuals from various sectors”.

Mitchell, who acknowledged that “in recent months, we have seen an increase in episodes of violence,” said while law enforcement may be paramount to promoting law and order, securing the safety of communities and the country requires an integrated approach.

“The evolving local, regional and global dynamics of crime and violence necessitates a collaborative mechanism for monitoring and developing proactive preventative strategies to threats to safety, peace, and freedom from threats of violence and actual violence.”

The Prime Minister said that given the importance of a collaborative approach to ensuring the collective safety and security of all Grenadians “in the coming weeks, a series of consultations will be held across our Tri-IslandState to gather insight from citizens, including specifically and particularly our young people, churches and church leaders….”

He said the discussions would be held with non-governmental organisations, law enforcement and the prison authorities as well as the labour and trade unions, the business and private sector, and health sector workers, to obtain their input in the development of a comprehensive national security plan to ensure that Grenada remains a safe, secure and stable society.

“These consultations will create a platform for open dialogue, where we can collectively discuss concerns, share innovative ideas, and build consensus on the best possible measures to uphold law and order.”

In his address, Mitchell said he was urging all stakeholders to play an active role in these discussions, saying “your voices, ideas, and commitment are vital as we forge a path towards a safer and more inclusive Grenada.

“I also take this opportunity to extend a special invitation to the leader and members of His Majesty’s Opposition to join us in this endeavour. The safety of our communities is the responsibility of all of us.”

Mitchell said that as the island is preparing to host the annual Carnival celebrations this weekend, he is calling for a “safe and enjoyable celebration where every individual has the opportunity to relax and revel in the beauty of our rich heritage, whether you choose to parade in the bands, enjoy the various live shows, or take in the festivities from a distance.