Jamaica: Woman Douses ‘Peeping Tom’ With Hot Water For Spying Through Window

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – The St James Parish Court is awaiting a psychiatric evaluation report before proceeding with a case against a woman who poured hot water on a man allegedly caught peeping on her at home.

Mortia Stoner appeared before presiding parish judge Sasha-Marie Smith-Ashley on Monday, charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

The injured man is believed to be mentally unstable.

The court had previously requested a psychiatric assessment report for the complainant, but the judge now considers the existing report insufficient since it does not address the complainant’s mental state.

The judge emphasised the importance of obtaining a doctor’s report detailing the complainant’s mental state at the time of the act in question.

Smith-Ashley then directed a family member, who was in the courtroom, to make arrangements for the complainant to visit the doctor again for a re-evaluation.

“Depending on the report, we will determine if there is a case,” the judge added before reascheduling the case for July 13 and extending Stoner’s bail.

According to court records, around 4:00 pm on August 1, 2022, Stoner was lying down on her bed in her underwear when the complainant, who is alleged to have a mental condition, was caught peeping on her through the window.

Upon seeing the complainant, Stoner allegedly threw hot water on him, causing severe bruises and burns.