Beenie Man Denies He Was Arrested In Ghana, Says “I Have No Covid”

(URBAN ISLANDZ) – Beenie Man denies he was arrested in Ghana for Covid breaches.

The dancehall Deejay took the time to reply to reports that he was detained in Ghana on Monday because he had tested positive for Covid-19 and had been out and about, including performing at Stonebwoy’s Bhim concert.

The report posted by a Ghanaian radio station claimed that Beenie Man had also presented a fake vaccine passport as he was leaving the African country.

On Monday night, he took to Twitter to clear the air by denying that he had tested positive for the virus.

“Everyday mi hear supm new bout mi self,” the artist began.

“Mi confuse yf. #Update to my fans who are genuinely reaching out. I have no Covid, never caught covid before, tested NEGATIVE for Covid. Been travelling for the past 6 months Covid free. Fully vaccinated. I guess someone wants me to have Covid. Uno weird yf,” Beenie tweeted.

The artist also thanked Stonebwoy and others who made his trip a success.

“Ghana was amazing. Love & light to @stonebwoy and the #BhimTeam. The Ghanaian Government, Immigration, Health Team, Small Gad, Freedom, the whole team. #Ghana ah the best place inna the world. #BhimConcert21 looking fwd to 2022.”

Beenie Man has been in Ghana since last week for the Bhim concert held on December 22, and he has been seen at various public appearances promoting the show.

The “Girls Dem Sugar” deejay was scheduled to be in Lagos, Nigeria, for a December 26 event.

Beenie Man was charged last year for promoting a party in St. Elizabeth. He was fined $150,000 after pleading guilty for breaching the Disaster Risk Management at the St. Elizabeth Parish Court for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA).

The artist was also accused last year of hosting a party which later caused a spike of the virus.

Despite that, he has called out the government for hypocrisy in dealing with everyone the same way. Specifically, he called out the government for the way it addressed the Floyd Green incident earlier this year.