MNIB Refutes Statement

PR – The Management of the Marketing & National Importing Board wishes to clear the air on a number of  statements made in a recently published article in the New Today Newspaper dated Friday December 24,  2021 titled, “Bleak Christmas for farmers with bounced cheques from MNIB”.  

The organization continues to experience financial difficulties which many businesses are faced with as a  result of the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. This has affected the organization’s timely payment to  suppliers and farmers in a manner that is acceptable to these key stakeholders. The allegation regarding the  issuance of bounced cheques to farmers this Christmas is absolutely false. As of today, Thursday December  23, 2021, our bank has confirmed that all payment issued by the MNIB has been honored to farmers.  Farmers’ payments were issued and continued to be cleared by our bank. All farmers who saved with the  MNIB and requested their savings were issued cheques that are all honored by our bankers. We encourage  persons with any issue to contact the MNIB.  

As it relates to the statement that some workers receiving their full salary but others only received half  month’s pay, this statement is untrue. The management of the MNIB continues to ensure that timely  payment of salary is high on our list of priorities. We also must state that all employees received salary  increases in 2016, 2017 and 2018 as set out in 2016 to 2018 collective agreement.  

The Board of Directors and Management commends the hard-working and dedicated staff of the MNIB  who worked tirelessly to ensure that Grenadians were able to access fresh produce and commodities  throughout the pandemic. The exports of fresh produce continued during the state of emergency and the  MNIB continues to provide our farmers and agro-processors with the market for their fresh produce and  products.  

The Government of Grenada through the Ministry of Finance, continue to work with the MNIB to ensure  that these financial commitments are satisfied. The Management of the MNIB welcomes policy discussion  and actions to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Board, however, these conversations must be  responsible, relevant and honest.  

The MNIB uses this opportunity to thank our bankers for working with us during this challenging time. We  are also deeply appreciative of our farmers, agro-processors, suppliers, and customers, as well as our  dedicated and committed staff for their commitment, resilience and continued support over the past year. 

The Management and staff of the MNIB wish you and your family a happy and safe Christmas and a prosperous New Year.