Thousands Donated By David And Yvette Schure Education Fund For SJC Grenville 

PR Dr. Yvette Noel-Schure, celebrity publicist to Beyoncé,  and a past student of the St. Joseph’s Convent Grenville, made a presentation of more than USD $51, 000  to her alma mater recently. 

The sum of USD $41,773.36 was raised through the David and Yvette Schure Education Fund for SJC  Grenville, through a Go-Fund me, in support of the school, in celebration of her sixtieth birthday. Noel Schure said the donation from her foundation is only the beginning of a continued commitment to assist  SJC Grenville.  

An additional sum of USD $10, 000 was presented from hair and skin product line, Cantu, through the  David and Yvette Schure Education Fund for SJC Grenville. Noel-Schure also awarded USD $5000 to SJC  past student, Lauriann McGuire, whom she says inspired her during a one-on-one conversation on a prior  visit to the school.  

“One young lady came up to me and she didn’t care about my job. She cared about me. She cared about a  story that I told about my mom and her bout with mental illness and that young lady said, ‘Miss, what you  said moved me,’” Noel-Schure said. “Lauriann McGuire is the inspiration for the David and Yvette Schure  Education Fund at SJC.” 

Noel-Schure explained that the USD $5000 was a gift from the Gucci programme, Chime for Change.  McGuire and her mother were surprised and pleased to receive the gift. “A lot of people leave Grenada, and they don’t give back and it’s such an amazing thing that you give back so much,” McGuire said. “I just  thank you, because I wasn’t expecting this at all.”  

The funds are expected to assist McGuire on her educational journey at TAMCC and beyond.  Speaking to Noel-Schure, an emotional McGuire said, “You said I inspired you. You inspired me.”

Principal at SJC Grenville, Linda Francis, expressed the school’s appreciation, saying, “A big thank you to  Dr. Schure and the sponsors for this generous contribution to you, the students of SJC.” 

Minister for Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information, Hon. Emmalin  Pierre, expressed appreciation on behalf of the Government and her ministry for stakeholder contributions  such as Noel-Schure’s. 

The Education Minister said, “What is most important about life? And it always boils down to one critical  factor, the people – the people that we touch and, so, Yvette, I say to you, I honour you, I commend you, I  recognize you, for in all that you do, how valuable you view people. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”  

While Noel-Schure said the school and Education Minister will set the criteria for how the funds are  allocated, she recommends that the funds benefit students in need, those with outstanding academic  achievements and past students who need support at the college level.  

Speaking to the students, Noel-Schure said, “You’re only limited by your own ability to stop yourself.  You’re the only one to stop yourself. So, specifically to the young ladies, dream beyond these shores,  beyond what they tell you you can be. You can write your own ticket and you can take up space that is  necessary. The world is waiting for another girl from Grenville, from St. Patrick, St. David to change the  world. You can.” 

Other attendees at the event included the representative for the Office of the Minister for Tourism, Hon.  Brenda Hood, and officials from the Ministry of tourism and the tourism sector.