Trinidad: Cops Make Arrests, As Protesters Reach The Savannah

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Police have arrested several people who were involved in a gathering near the Queens Park Savannah mass vaccination site in Port of Spain this afternoon.

The people came in support of the First Wave Movement, whose members began a walk from the Point Fortin Hospital on Saturday, through San Fernando and Central Trinidad and to the Red House, before ending at the Paddock on the savannah.

Some people heeded the call of activists who for weeks have been calling on people to “Stand your ground and push back” against government policies.

Some of the people at the savannah said they were not affiliated with any group but decided to join in.

According to a statement from the First Wave Movement “Because our Government failed to lead with integrity, equality, fairness, and justice, and in the interests of our people; our government ministers have lost all self-respect and have disrespected their office in doing so. They have disrespected us by not delivering and we in turn have disrespected ourselves; lost our self-respect by accepting malfeasance, over good governance.

Because with our Government’s Policy Slogan, “Vaccinate to Operate”, and their institutionalized segregation and bullying, they have created apartheid in places of worship, recreation, employment, and learning institutions, division among families and within the home, and loss of fellowship and spiritual fulfillment. The massive job losses have left our children hungry and vulnerable, with many lacking a sense of purpose after the disruption of their education.

Because our Government allowed politics to dictate public health policy and override the Chemistry Food and Drug Department in its function, weaponizing our health sector. In the short 6 months from the rollout of these experimental injections, we’ve witnessed over 1,900 unexplained deaths!

Because our Government coerced our children to receive these injections, enrolling them as guinea pigs in the largest direct-to-human clinical trials, and breaching all rules of ethics, human rights, and rights of the child.

Because of our Government’s many breaches and our compromised judiciary, we are now forced to question the legitimacy of the Parliament, the integrity of the EBC, the PSC, and other government elected boards, and the independents of the office of the President.”

The organisers said that there would be strict adherence to, social distancing, and mask-wearing will be implemented.