Statement By The Grenada Movement

The  Grenada Movement  (TGM)  at  less  than  three  months  into  its  existence  as  a  political  party, has the distinction of being the youngest entity on the Grenadian political landscape.  As an organisation, we have taken and will continue to take every step in our development  carefully  and  deliberately,  with  the  intention  of  building  a  party  that  can  stand  up  to  scrutiny and the test of time. It is indeed fair and accurate to say that we are undergoing a  transition,  having  first  launched  as  a  non-governmental  organisation  (NGO),  before  our  membership voted to become a political party. 

As an institution  committed  to  the ideals  of  democracy, we  recognise  that we will  not all  share the same viewpoints, at all times; and not everyone who begins a  journey necessarily  completes it. TGM respects the right of any individual to associate and/or disassociate, but  will not subscribe to public mud-slinging and the airing of internal party disagreements. This  is not our DNA. 

The transition of TGM into a political party, is an on-going process, and one which is being  managed  in  accordance  with  our  party’s  Constitution,  by  the  Interim  Management  Committee (IMC).  The IMC manages the day-to-day affairs of the party, the building out of   constituency groups, and our preparations to hold our first Convention, when the leadership  of  the  party  will  be elected. This  is  a  painstaking  process  that  calls  for  prudence  at every  step of the journey if we are to build on a solid foundation. 

TGM  is  aware  of  certain  claims  allegedly  attributed  to  current  or  former members  of  our  party, and wishes to state the following, for the avoidance of doubt: 

  1. There has never been any confrontation of any sort at any meeting of TGM, whether  at a meeting of the Founders or a General Meeting. 
  2. At no time has there been any discussion of or suggestion raised at any meeting of  TGM pertaining to secret meetings between Dr. Patrick Antoine and Prime Minister  Keith Mitchell.
  3. There have never been any secret meetings, or meetings at all between Dr. Patrick  Antoine  and  Prime Minister  Keith Mitchell since  Dr.  Antoine’s  departure  from  the  Government of Grenada 

TGM remains committed to the advancement of its agenda for Grenada: empowering each  and every son and daughter to achieve their fullest potential and we are prepared to build  lasting institutional structures to being about the change.