Government Negotiates Auto Dealer Support For Public Transport Sector

PR – The Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities,  Transport and Implementation is continuing its efforts to provide further support to the  public transport sector. 

The Ministry has initiated a programme of support through businesses to offer relief to  bus operators to purchase tyres, batteries, automotive parts and lubricants.  

To date, four auto part dealers have pledged their support. 

Discount Auto Parts is offering 15% off on all parts for buses, effective October 1, until  further notice. 

Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da) Ltd is providing 12.5% discount on Torque and  Farroad tyres and Power Max batteries from October 1 to November 15, 2021. 

Quality Services Ltd., for the period, October 1 – December 31, 2021, is offering a discount of 15 – 20% on auto parts, batteries, windscreens, front, rear and side glasses. 

Geo. F. Huggins & Co (G’da) Ltd will also make available discounts and best prices on  all Nissan Urvan differential parts and up to 20% on all other Urvan parts. In addition, the  company is offering all bus operators, regardless of vehicle brand, a volume discount on  tyre purchases, up to 12% for a full set.  

The Ministry of Transport, and by extension, the Government of Grenada expresses  sincere gratitude to all participating businesses for providing critical support to the public  transport sector, and encourages all bus operators to take full advantage of these offers. 

Bus operators and commuters are also encouraged to be vigilant and to follow the  COVID-19 health and safety protocols issued by the Ministry of Health.