The Grenada Chocolate Company Wins Big At The Academy Of Chocolate Awards

PR – The Grenada Tourism Authority extends congratulations to the Grenada Chocolate Company for their most recent achievement as the recipient of silver and bronze awards at the Academy of Chocolate awards.

The Academy of Chocolate was founded in 2005 by five of Britain’s leading chocolate professionals and aims to recognise and showcase the world’s most talented chocolate producers and finest chocolates. Their prestigious awards are held in London and are judged by leading chocolatiers, producers, journalists, bloggers, food writers, and other chocolate experts from across the industry. Some key categories judged include; Bean to Bar, Tree to Bar, Flavoured, Milk and White Bars.

With over 1,600 submissions from more than 45 countries, winning is no small feat and we are extremely proud to announce that The Grenada Chocolate Company has won three awards. In the Tree to Bar category, The Grenada Chocolate Company’s 100% Dark Chocolate bar won silver and the 71% Dark Chocolate bar won bronze. In the Tree to Bar Seasoned category, the 60% Nib-A-Licious Dark Chocolate bar won Silver.

The Grenada Chocolate Company founded by Mott Green was the first ever tree-to-bar chocolate factory on the island. After the untimely death of Mr. Green in 2013, the company continues to expand his legacy under the guidance of Edmond Brown. The co-operative now has over 200 acres of organic cocoa farms and the chief objective is ensuring that farmers are fairly rewarded for their hard work and that cocoa farming and chocolate production use sustainable methods. A hearty congratulations goes out to the team at the Grenada Chocolate Company and all their partners. The GTA is excited about the future of chocolate production in Grenada and looks forward to seeing what they accomplish next!