Ministry Of Finance Prepares For Budget 2022 

PR – Preparation for the 2022  National Budget has moved into gear with the launch of the annual  Budget Consultation process. This is an integral component of the  annual budget cycle, which seeks to engage social partners and other  stakeholders to help shape the National Budget. 

This year, the Ministry of Finance has provided an additional avenue to  facilitate stakeholder contributions via its web portal, which can be  accessed by logging on to its website  

Several key reference documents have been uploaded to help inform  proposals, including: 

  • The National Sustainable Development Plan 2035 
  • Notes on the Update of the Economy and Budget Performance- July 2021 
  • Update on the Economy and Budget Presentation- July 2021. Additional documents will be uploaded subsequently. 

The budget consultation phase will culminate with the National Budget  Consultation session, details of which will be provided shortly. 

The Ministry of Finance looks forward to receiving your contributions.