The Grenada Movement Congratulates Saint Lucia Labour Party

PR – The  Grenada  Movement  (TGM)  offers  its  warmest  congratulations  to  the  Saint  Lucia  Labour Party (SLP) on its election victory, and extends best wishes, as the SLP prepares  to take up the mantle and responsibilities of leadership of our sister Caribbean nation. 

As the  SLP embarks  upon  its  new  responsibilities,  we  wish  to  assure the  SLP and  the  people of Saint Lucia of the continued bonds of friendship and support of TGM. 

The SLP Team has been called upon  to govern at a  time when Saint Lucia, and indeed  our entire Region, faces myriad challenges, many of them brought on, or exacerbated by  the  onslaught  of  the COVID-19 pandemic.  This  is  a  time  for  bold, transformative,  and  accountable leadership. 

The  People  of  Saint Lucia  have  spoken  resoundingly,  sending a  clear message  of  their  desire for a change. 

TGM  looks  forward  to  working  with the SLP,  not  only  in  the  strengthening  of closer  relations between our countries, but also in the efforts of advancing the prosperity and  peace of the people of our OECS Sub-region.