Hubbard’s Assist St. George’s Anglican Junior School Staff To Meet In Cool Comfort

PR – St. George’s Anglican Junior School received an answer to their prayers, thanks to Jonas Browne & Hubbard G’da Ltd.

A new energy-efficient air-condition unit for the staff room which will now allow the teachers to work in cool comfort.

Ms. Asha Bailey, Principal of the school, stated that the teachers shared a small fan in the room, and windows and doors had to remain open to provide ventilation, she also stated how humid the room got especially when the printers and computers are in use.

She further shared that before their request from Hubbard’s they were on the verge of conducting a fund-raising activity to purchase an air-conditioning unit but moments after their request, Hubbard’s answered the call.

Mr. Anthony Phillip, Manager Hubbard’s Appliance Department presented on behalf of Hubbard’s and expressed Hubbard’s commitment to giving back to communities as it fulfills its corporate social responsibility.
Mr. Phillip shared, “We got the request and were quite happy to assist. We know why the request was made, and we understood because the letter submitted clearly stated the problem being faced.”

The donated energy-efficient inverter unit (Valued at approx. $3K) which replaces the nonfunctional one will allow the school a reduction in running costs.
Simultaneously this gesture will play a part to play in diminishing the country’s carbon footprint.

The St. George’s Anglican Junior School expressed gratitude to Hubbard’s by presenting a token of appreciation. The token was received by Mr. Phillip on behalf of Hubbard’s.