Sandra Booker Wins First EC $10,000.00 Lucky Vax Draw

PR – A 68- year-old Grenadian woman is the first winner of the Government of Grenada/Ministry of Health, “LUCKY VAX DRAW” (COVID-19 Vaccination Raffle). 

Sandra Booker, of Belmont, St. George, was declared the winner of the draw, after officials from  the Ministry of Health verified her COVID-19 vaccination details, following Wednesday’s draw  which was conducted by the National Lotteries Authority, under the supervision of experienced  auditors, PKF Accountants and Business Advisors in the presence of health officials. 

The draw which took place by computer had randomly selected Ms. Booker’s Unique  Identification Number (UIN) as the winning number. The “LUCKY VAX DRAW” (COVID-19  Vaccination Raffle), is a government initiative aimed at addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitation. 

Once vaccinated at any of the Government approved vaccination centers, persons names are  automatically registered and entered for a chance to win cash incentives. 

Under the program winners are allowed to allocate winnings to a cause or charity of their choice if  they do not wish to accept cash prizes. There will is a 15 day period within which winners must come  forward to accept their prizes. After that period winners forfeit the opportunity. The next draw  date will be announced soon. 

The “LUCKY VAX DRAW” (COVID-19 Vaccination Raffle) is an initiative of the Government of  Grenada/Ministry of Health and Social Security, in collaboration with the Nnational Lotteries Aauthority, (NLA) and funded by Canadian Bank Note (CBN).