Trinidad: 4 Or 5 People Died From Covid, After Taking One Dose, And Less Than 2 Weeks After Vaccination

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – At least four people have died from Covid-19 after falling ill after within two weeks taking the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

So said epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds during the Ministry of Health’s virtual media conference on Monday.

When questioned on the number of deaths that occurred post vaccination, Hinds said: “We are actually still compiling and validating the vaccination information. There have not been many cases of where vaccines were reported to have been on board or have been delivered in the event of a death.

“In those where it has happened, there are maybe about four or five we have on record and they’re usually persons who would have contracted illness pretty soon after having the vaccine, but we’re still attempting to get the documentation on the vaccine itself from some of those individuals. So that’s something that will be refined and clarified.”

He said the deaths resulting post vaccination were persons who only had their first dose and those deaths would have occurred less than two weeks after vaccination.

He noted that such a result is in keeping with the expectation that the first dose of vaccine still needs a couple weeks before one’s immunity is boosted sufficiently by it.

“And even with the first dose of vaccine on board, the immunity is not optimised yet, which is why your second dose of vaccine is of utmost importance. If you had that first dose you need to have the second dose in order to get the most out of your vaccination, both in terms of the strength of the immune response and the duration, meaning how long that immune response will last,” Hinds noted.

As of Sunday, more than 204 people had received their first done, and more than 71,000 had received two doses.