Spicemas Corporation Celebrates 10 Years

PR – Spicemas Corporation (SMC) will celebrate 10 years as a corporation during the month of July 2021, having become a Statutory Body by an Act of Parliament, and gazetted on July 29, 2011. 

In the absence of Spicemas this year, SMC which is responsible for promoting and organising  Grenada’s Carnival and all official Spicemas events, is planning a week of radio activities to  celebrate the achievements of the corporation for the last decade.  

To highlight this special occasion, the SMC is hosting a series of week-long soft activities in  keeping with the current Covid-19 protocols.  

The activities will begin on Monday July 5, 2021 with radio interviews featuring stakeholders  reminiscing on their involvement with Spicemas. The reflections will cover a range of areas  including:  

  • The strategic vision in moving from Carnival Committee to Spicemas Corporation. The evolution of Mas in Grenada’s Carnival 
  • The music of Carnival 
  • The role of the Steelpan Movement in Grenada’s Carnival 
  • The National Carnival Queen Show experience 

The week will conclude with a showcase of everything Spicemas on Saturday July 10, 2021 with  a mini virtual concert, hosted by Power FM. The theme for the celebrations is “Ten years of  Spicemas”. 

Looking ahead to the celebrations, SMC’s Kelvin Jacob said, “Although the COVID-19 pandemic  and the regulations instituted by the Government of Grenada preclude Spicemas in its flamboyant glory, it is still important that we mark this historic milestone. Since its creation 10 years ago,  SMC has grown significantly as has its delivery of the annual carnival activities which have recorded a massive increase in popularity. I therefore encourage Grenadians at home and abroad  to be part of the celebrations, as we reflect on the past and chart the way forward.”