Haitian Children Found In Guyana Hotel Room

(CMC)— An investigation has been launched following an incident which 10 Haitian children were found in a hotel room in the Berbice region, to the east of Guyana.

According to a government statement – the children, five boys and five girls, did not have in their possession passports or any other form of identification.

When questioned by police, one of the children said they were transported to Guyana from neighbouring Suriname by speed boat and were dropped off at the hotel on, June 14.

A spokesperson for the group also told police the person who deposited them there, took their passports and all personal belongings.

“It has long been suspected that there is huge trafficking in persons and human smuggling ring, including children, taking place in the Region and Guyana is being used as a transit point in this racket, which includes Cubans, Nigerians and Haitians, among others. This is the latest manifestation of this nefarious racket at work which seems to be operating on a daily basis.”

The statement added that the governments of Brazil and Suriname have expressed concern over the situation.

The statement also said that the Government has already engaged the Cuban Ambassador to Guyana on this issue and it is believed that these people, including children, are being trafficked to various parts of the world.

Recently, the police arrested a number of Haitians, Nigerians and Cubans.

It was then discovered that several of them did not have entry stamps in their passports in relation to Guyana.

“In the circumstances, the Government of Guyana feels compelled to inform the relevant international agencies dealing with human trafficking and smuggling of persons, including children. In this regard, we will engage the United Nations Humans Rights Council, the International Organisation for Migration and INTERPOL and requests their urgent intervention and assistance.”

The government also announced plans to review its immigration protocols and impose such lawful restrictions and conditions that it considers necessary in the circumstances.