Statement By The Grenada Movement On The Present State Of Affairs In Grenada

PR – The Grenada Movement is extremely  concerned about  the way  the government  of  Grenada  has  handled  the  contention  related  to  Covid-19 and  the  question  of  mandatory or voluntary vaccination for employees.  Many Grenadians are now faced  with an ultimatum – “jab for job”. 

While TGM understands  that both  the employer and  the employee have rights, we  believe  that  the legislative  arm  of  government  needs  to  put legislation in  place  to  address  the  current  state  of affairs  surrounding  vaccination and employment. The  fundamental rights and freedoms of our people are priority and we strongly oppose  the laissez faire way in which the current administration has dealt with the issue of  vaccination and employment. 

The Constitution of Grenada recognises the right to work, and the administrators of  the nation’s affairs should ensure that people who desire to work are able to work  where  jobs  are  available.  The  Head  of  Government  has  left  it  up  to  employers  to  determine  who  has  a  job  and  who  does  not, by  enforcement  of  a  Government  vaccine policy which has no basis in law. 

The people of Grenada are left without representation in this matter and the elected  officials  have  further  compounded  the  problem  by launching  a  vaccine  raffle with  the chance of winning 10 thousand dollars for taking the jab. 

TGM  says  that  this  cash  bribe – money  for  being  vaccinated – must  be  withdrawn  immediately. It is vulgar and demeaning. It is a slap in the face of our people who are  being  told,  once  again,  they  can  always  be  reduced  to  a  lowest  common  denominator.  

To be absolutely clear, TGM is not opposed to people being vaccinated, but there has  to be law and order to prevent chaos. When people are allowed by the negligence of  government to operate without laws or to disrespect existing laws, then surely the  nation is in free fall.  This signals that the government is not in control.

The people entrusted with managing  the affairs of  the state need  to get up and do  their  jobs.  The  Prime  Minister  as  the  Head  of  Government  cannot  abdicate  his  responsibility  by  leaving  it  up  to  the  private  sector  to  decide  what  they  do  with  employees.  

TGM’s mission is  to  have  a  fair  and  just  society  where  the  people  can  enjoy  their  economic, social and other liberties without  fear. The present industrial and social  climate is  filled with  fear as  the  vaccination  roll  out has  been mishandled and has indeed gone off the rails. 

We  call  on  those  in  government  to  fix  this  problem  by  engaging  the  people  and  putting in place the legislative framework that is necessary to ensure that individual  and public health responsibilities are harmonised. There can be no other way.