SGU Starts The Process To Welcome Students Back To Grenada

PR – Today St. George’s University (SGU) began the next phase in our plan to welcome back staff and faculty to campus. Our primary commitment is to provide a safe environment for all in our  university community. As part of the University’s long-term planning for safely returning for the  August 2021 term, COVID-19 vaccination is now required for all students, faculty, staff,  administrators, vendors, and visitors entering campus.  

SGU remains steadfast in its commitment to every member of the SGU community—from the  newest to the longest-serving members—who contributes to the success of its students. SGU  faculty and staff members have shown unity of purpose, working together to develop and follow  various regulations to promote the health and safety of the campus community and will continue  to do so as students start preparing to travel to Grenada.  

The University supports all of its staff members and will continue to work closely with the  Grenada Technical Allied Workers Union (GTAWU) to ensure the safe return of faculty and staff  members and members of the union.  

“Planning for the safe return to campus began several months ago and faculty and staff were  notified in advance of changes to the campus entry policy. While we have maintained pay for all  faculty and staff over the past 15 months including salary increases and bonuses, we cannot  continue to do this for those who do not return to work” said Dr. Richard Liebowitz, vice  chancellor of St. George’s University. “Our goal is to have all staff and faculty return to work on  campus. While we do not want to lose valuable members of our SGU community or stop pay for  any staff or faculty members, we cannot return to safe operations on campus without everyone  being vaccinated. These policies are also consistent with the actions of other major universities  around the world.” 

SGU continues to provide opportunities for our community to get vaccinated by partnering with  the Ministry of Health to host Vaccination Days on campus for faculty and staff needing their  second dose and to promote other locations off campus where students, faculty and staff can  get vaccinated. The University collaboration with the Government of Grenada to support its  public health response and create a safe campus environment and protect the Grenadian  community remains a priority as it prepares to welcome back students, faculty, and staff.