Call For Private Sector Projects

PR – The Grenada Investment Development Corporation (GIDC) in collaboration with the Caribbean  Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA), is seeking investment-ready  commercially viable private sector projects in need of capital to scale their operations locally and  or internationally.  

The investment-ready projects will be promoted to potential investors who may be from the  Diaspora, local investors, institutional investors e.g., pension funds, hedge funds, among others.  The projects will be promoted through the Caribbean Project Preparation and Packaging  Platform (CPPIP), an initiative of the CAIPA, which seeks to package investment projects,  structuring them so that they meet the requirements of investors and then promoting them  globally to carefully vetted investors. 

To be a part of the CPPIP initiative, your project should meet the below criteria: Possess strong financials (audited preferred) for 3 successive years (pre-COVID) ending  December 31, 2019; financials for 2020/2021 calendar year (to see the effect of COVID);  and projected financials from 2022 onward; 

Require funding of US$1m+ for business expansion; 

Your business venture must fall within the identified categories/commercial sectors noted  below; 

You may be seeking public listing as part of your expansion strategy; 

Identified categories/commercial sectors are:

Consumer Goods/Packaging  Agriculture  




Renewable Energy (Solar,  Wind, offtakes arranged) Entertainment  Transport  Education 
Financial Services  Fintech  Commercial  




Technology  Services 


Housing  Telecoms 
Manufacturing (light, mid)  Exchange listed  assets Pharmaceuticals

Any information shared will be treated with the strictest confidence. After submitting your  project, you will be contacted by the CPPIP team for a follow up. GIDC will be assisting you  throughout the process. The deadline for submission of your project information is June 18th,  2021.  

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