Government Reiterates Its Ban On The Importation Of Vehicles 10 Years And Older

PR – Members of the public are reminded that the importation of vehicles ten (10) years and older,  except those exempted in keeping with SRO. 43/2020, is a breach of the Customs Act and  therefore illegal. 

The ban on 10-year-old vehicles took effect on January 31, 2021. However, the Government  allowed a grace period, which has expired, and the law is now in full effect. The public is therefore encouraged to take note as the offence carries stiff penalties. 

All vehicles, 10 years and older, landed in Grenada after April 5, 2021, will be seized, forfeited  to the State, and disposed of accordingly. Importers of these vehicles may be subjected to  fines upon conviction of this offence. Furthermore, Government will also pursue legal  measures to hold shippers, agents, and vessel owners/operators liable for the importation of  banned vehicles.  

The imposition of the ban on aged vehicles is part of Government’s efforts to protect the  environment and lower the country’s carbon emissions. The ban is also intended to reduce the  burden on the Grenada Solid Waste Management to dispose of and manage the growing  number of derelict vehicles that are abandoned alongside public roadways or transported to  landfill.