Addendum To Current List Of Electors As At March 31, 2021

PR – The general public is hereby informed that the Addendum as at March 31, 2021 is published for  inspection, the raising of claims, objections and revision. This process is for seven (7) days from  May 27, 2021 to June 3, 2021. 

The Addendum can be found in each Parliamentary Elections Constituency Office and at post  offices, police stations, medical stations and other public places. 

Please be advised that the closing date for submission of information to the Registration Officer,  in connection with any claim for inclusion in the Addendum or objection to any name which  should not be included in the Addendum is June 3, 2021. 

Everyone and particularly those who registered during the quarter, January – March, 2021, is  advised to inspect the Addendum to ensure that his or her name is properly included. The  Addendum should also be checked to establish whether there is any name included in it that  should not be there. 

A list containing the names of the Registration Officers, their constituencies, addresses and  contact numbers is attached. 



Carriacou & Petite  


Geraldine Guy  Kim’s Building, Church Street,  

Hillsborough, Carriacou 

St. Andrew South East  Shirleen Robertson  Agriculture Office, Seaton James Street,  Grenville, St. Andrew  438-5248
St. Andrew South West  Wayne Horsford  La Qua’s Building , Gladstone Road,  Grenville  438-5228
St. Andrew North East  Evan George Matthew Bhola  Mr. Henroy Davis’ Building, junction of  Paradise and Cocoa Road, St. Andrew  442-4068
St. Andrew North West  Marcia Francis  Annex to Mr. Mitchell’s shop, Mirabeau,  St. Andrew  442-4367
St. David  Vincent Morain Former NCB Building, Petite Esperance,  St. David 444-6025
Communal Cooperative, Credit Union  Building, Perdomontemps, St. David
Town of St. George  Stephen Raphael Croney  Bruce Street, St. George’s (Close to exit of  Sendall Tunnel) 440-4037
St. George North East  Barbara Charles Ground Floor of Deco’s Building, Tempe,  St. George  435-5032
Dr. Alexis’ Building, The Greens, St.  Paul’s, St. George  435-9476
St. George North West  Kevin Francis Happy Hill, St. George (Two-storey  building, Happy Hill main road after Shenda Road on the left in a northerly  direction) 440-5145
St. George South East  Glen Alexander Marian Community Centre, Cocoa Road,  Marian, St. George  440-6040
Dr. Alexis Building, St. Paul’s, St. George  435-9477
St. George South  Cheryl Ann Dunbar Limes Road, Grand Anse, St. George (First  building on the right entering the Limes  Road) 439-7108
Springs, St. George (Next to Liz and Rawle  Restaurant) 443-3726
St. John  Catherine Hamlet Langton Road, Gouyave, St. John  

(Downstairs Mr. Carlton Frederick’s  Building on Langton Road

St. Mark  Samuel Britton Queen Street, Victoria, St. Mark  

(Downstairs Ms. Louise George’s residence  at Queen Street, opposite the Fish Market

St. Patrick East  Chrislyn LaBorde  Sauteurs, St. Patrick (GIDC Building) 442-0776
St. Patrick West  Jennifer Charles  Sauteurs, St. Patrick (GIDC Building  442-0777

Elvis Morain (Mr.) March 19, 2021 SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS (AG.)