Terry Noel’s Statement On His Resignation From The Upper House Of Parliament

PR – I  hereby  confirm  that  yesterday, Monday May  17th,  2021,  I  resigned  as  a  Senator  for  the  Opposition in the Upper House of Parliament, with immediate effect. 

This  decision  did  not  come  lightly,  but  it  came  at  a  time  when  a  Non-Governmental  Organisation of which I have been an active member, and to which I belonged at the time  when  I  accepted  the invitation  to  serve in  our Upper House  of  Parliament,  has made  the  decision  to  transition  into  a  political  party. In  keeping  with  our  democratic  traditions,  I  therefore  resigned,  in  order  to  give  the  Leader  of  the  Opposition  a  chance  to  nominate  another Senator.  

I wish to place on record, my appreciation to the Governor General, Her Excellency, Dame  Cecille La Grenade, and  the Honourable Tobias Clement, Leader of  the Opposition,  for  the  confidence  reposed  in  me  to  serve  as  one  of  the  three  senators  who  were  tasked  with  bringing balance to the honourable chamber.  

I would also like to state for the record that it was an honour to serve with all my senatorial  colleagues. 

We are now at a crucial stage in the political life of our nation, and my sense of patriotism  demands, even more so than ever before, that I continue to serve my country and to 

actively  participate  in  its  social  and  political  evolution.  My  time  in  the  Senate,  since  July  31st, 2020, afforded me the opportunity to contribute to the process of governance in our  country,  and  better  yet,  imbued  me  with  an  appreciation for  the  task  ahead  to  restore  Grenada to her rightful place in the Caribbean and the world. 

We  are  at  a  crossroads in  our  path  towards  development. We  cannot  continue  along  the  pathway  of  empty  promises,  hollow  excuses  and  glaring  stagnation.  I  want  to  make  a  difference. We all need to make a difference. As such, I am proud to endorse The Grenada  Movement, to chart a new course in governance and democracy for Grenada. 

TGM represents in my mind, the best option for moving our nation and our people forward.  The  people  of  Grenada  are  not  happy.  They  are  tired  of  the  blatant  disrespect  they  are  receiving  from  those who are  supposed  to work  for  them. They are  tired  of  being  talked  down to. They are tired of the bullying. We all know that it is time to change our destiny,  and that is why I am supporting TGM as a political party. 

I  wish  to  contribute  even  more  to  Grenada  with  TGM,  because,  together  with  all  Grenadians, we  will  build  a  country  that  is  for  all,  where  opportunities  are  not  for  a  privileged few, but for all who are willing to work and develop Grenada, Carriacou and Petit  Martinique. 

I thank you for your attention today, and I will be happy to answer your questions.