Mr. Prem Chandiramani, Owner Of Shipwreck Has Died

Mr. Prem Chandiramani, businessman and owner of Shipwreck passed away last night, May 17th.

Mr. Prem was born in Pakistan in 1940 then moved to Bombay, India in 1947.

Mrs Geeta Chandiramani was born in Sumatra Java,in Indonesia in 1943 and later moved to India with her parents.

The couple got married in Bangalore,  India in 1966. They moved to Grenada in 1973.

They have two daughters, Rekha Mahatani and Vidya Chandiramani and seven beautiful grand children.

Initially, Mr Prem was hired as a young businessman working with famous KIRPALANI and loved Grenada 🇬🇩 and decided to make Grenada his permanent home.

Together the couple started a business namely GRAND BAZAAR in 1975. Mrs Prem was his business and life partner and always worked beside him.

Eventually they were in Real estate and also started another business SHIPWRECK, a souvenir and gift shop in Grenada.

Mr. Prem remained in the business for nearly 50 years and retired last year 2020.

Mrs. Prem remains the manager of the business to date.

Mr. and Mrs. Prem were well recognized in Grenada as devoted business persons that invested heavily in Grenada.

Mr. Prem was also an esteemed member of the chamber of commerce. For many years he served as an advisor at Her Majesty prisons.

Mr. and Mrs. Prem have been very charitable people and supported many charities like the charity of Mother Teresa and the Lions club among others.

The couple opened a Hindu temple for many years for the community, located in independence Avenue at St. George’s.

This couple’s life mission was not only to work hard to build a good life for themselves and their family but also help others to establish themselves.

This couple is a living legend, loaded with compassion and empathy, kindness and generosity.

Mr. Prem’s funeral service will be held at 1pm at La Qua on Wednesday 19th, May. He was 80 years old at the time of his passing.