Nine Individuals Charged For Stealing Marijuana From Police Station

PR – Nine civilians, inclusive of two juveniles were arrested and charged over the weekend for stealing a quantity of Marijuana from the Sauteurs Police Station.

Officers assigned to the station noticed the disappearance of drugs over a period of time and took remedial action. Consequently, investigations revealed that individuals fished out Marijuana from the rear end of the building due to structural deficiencies.

As a result of this, Ron and Ronnie Stanislaus of Glebe Street were charged for Handling a Controlled Drug while Marvin Jeremiah, 34 years, Boat Builder of Mt. Craven, Carlos Williams, 32 years, Fisherman of Mt. Craven, Kimon Alexander, 21 years and Kimani Alexander, 20 years, Fishermen of Glebe Street, Travis Fullerton, 28 years, Farmer of Mt. Craven, and two juveniles all residents of St. Patrick, were charged for Handling a Controlled Drug and Stealing a quantity of Cannabis valued at seven hundred and twenty-one thousand, two hundred and twenty-four dollars ($721,224.00 ECC).

They are scheduled to appear at the St. David’s Magistrate’s Court on Monday 17th May, 2021.

The structural deficiency of the building has since been resolved.

Police Investigations are ongoing.