Coca-Cola Grenada Launches National Refresh And Win Promotion With Over $30,000 in Cash And Prizes

PR – Coca-Cola Grenada has launched its Refresh & Win national promotion which affords participants an opportunity to win over $30,000 in cash and  prizes. The promotion, which invites persons to enter a unique code found under specially  marked Coca-Cola Original Taste and Sprite caps was launched on May 17, 2021 at the GFA  Conference Room at Queens Park.  

Marketing Manager, Nekoyan Bain, offered further details on how persons can enter and win.  Bain explained “Winning is easy with Refresh & Win. Persons simply continue purchasing their  Coca-Cola Original Taste and Sprite, look under the cap, text their unique code to 423-1131 or  enter via the webportal and they get a chance to win. 

She continued, “We understand that life has been different for so many of us over the past  year, so we wanted to go big. We wanted to offer persons that opportunity to feel excited  again, to be winners.” 

The promotion which promises guaranteed bi-weekly prize winnings offers free Coca-Cola  product, grocery vouchers, fuel vouchers, restaurant vouchers, weekly cash prizes of XCD$250  and a Grand Prize of XCD$10,000 cash.” 

Managing Director, Frances Taylor, said via a company statement that “Grenada Bottling  Company Limited (GBCL) has been a Grenadian company for over 60 years. We have  mandated in our social responsibility policies that we continuously support sport, youth and  cultural development in Grenada. We understand that Covid-19 has hampered so many plans  in those areas. As a Company, we thank the public for their support as we navigate through  this new normal together and we are happy to offer this promotion where participants can be  one of the lucky winners of the thousands of prizes we have made available.” 

The Refresh & Win promotion starts May 21, 2021. Persons can visit @cocacolagrenada on  Facebook and Instagram for more details.