GHTA Let’s Talk Vax Forum Held At Mt. Cinnamon Hotel

PR – The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) held a forum entitled, “Let’s Talk Vax” at Mount  Cinnamon Hotel on Tuesday, March 11th 2021. Let’s Talk Vax is part of GHTA’s public education initiative within the hospitality sector that is designed to assist employers with staff education regarding COVID- 19  vaccines. This initiative gives staff an opportunity to voice their questions and concerns regarding vaccines  in a safe and informal environment. At the forum, staff were afforded the opportunity to have a dialogue with Ms. Arlene Friday, CEO of the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association and Dr. Bert Brathwaite,  Chairman of the COVID Sub- Health Committee.  

According to Chief Executive Officer of GHTA, Arlene Friday, “Public hesitancy towards COVID- 19 vaccines  is born out of multi-faceted fears and sensitivities. Therefore, it takes a multi- pronged approach to  address a cross-section of the population. It is imperative that we meet people where they are and employ grassroots methods to both listen and understand where people are coming from in order to effectively  educate. The GHTA recognizes the value of informed decision making while also understanding the  urgency of immunizing frontline workers.” She also stated, “Many of our hospitality workers may not  realize the level of risk they face daily and that the decisions they make not only impact their workplace but  their families, communities and the rest of the nation. Choosing to make an informed decision about  getting vaccinated, is ultimately a choice for Grenada.” 

Dr. Bert Brathwaite stated, “Employees may be tired of being lectured to. So, therefore, he has chosen to give workers the opportunity to get information in a question-and-answer format instead” Dr. Braithwaite  explained the various risks related to the COVID-19 virus and variants while also dispelling myths and  rumors about the vaccine. He stated, “If you have any underlying health conditions such as hypertension,  diabetes, asthma, cancer, lupus, etc. or are overweight, you should rush and get vaccinated. These  categories are most at risk from suffering severe complications from COVID-19. No longer are the elderly population the only group that are vulnerable. Currently many 30-year-old individuals have died in  neighboring countries as close as Trinidad.” 

As the tourism sector begins to reopen, it becomes increasingly necessary for frontline hospitality workers  to remain safe and protected. Emerging variants have already been identified in the Caribbean region furthering the need for urgent public awareness and education. As a result, GHTA’s grassroot campaign is aimed at increasing public confidence and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines and overcoming hesitancy. Ms.  Friday states “Ultimately it is for the safety of our workplace, our families, our communities, ourselves and  for Grenada that will drive us. And public education is the key.” 

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