Drastic Increase In Acute Respiratory Infections In Grenada

PR – Grenada’s acting Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shawn Charles  says the country is experiencing a significant increase in Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI’s). 

The (CMO) made the announcement during the government’s weekly Post Cabinet Press  Briefing on Tuesday. 

He said the current outbreak of flu like illness has affected many schools and some  business places. “People are being placed on sick leave or are absent as a result of this.  We have noted that the number of cases of ARI’s are progressively and steadily rising.  We have started testing to verify whether this is as a result of the Coronavirus 2019 

(COVID-19) or not and so far, cases tested have been negative”, the CMO explained. 

Dr. Charles, an Epidemiologist by training who has been leading the Ministry’s technical  response in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, cautioned that the country could  be heading down a very worrying path. “It means that we have simply let our guard down,  and in the event that a single case of COVID-19 escapes, and it could be from an illegal  border entry, or if someone presents very late after all of our screening procedures, it  means that we will face the same consequences that we see currently taking place in  other countries,” Dr. Charles said. 

Turning to the Ministry’s weekly Epidemiology report, Dr. Charles explained that in week  sixteen of 2021 there were 26 Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) cases. In week  seventeen, there were 46 cases, and that number jumped to 133 in week eighteen. Dr.  Charles said ‘there were only 21 cases in week number eighteen of 2020, and now it has 

more than quadrupled, so something has happened, somehow, we have given this virus  the opportunity to spread from person to person easily.’  

The (CMO) who clearly identified the illness as being the flu, explained that the viral  infection presents with the same symptoms like COVID-19; fever, headaches, runny nose, sore throat and fatigue, and can also be transmitted in the same way COVID-19 is  transmitted, through droplets and personal contact with the eyes, nose and mouth.  

He appealed to citizens to follow the public health protocols and practice proper hygiene,  and also obey the measures that are keeping us safe and alive. 

He also called on persons who are not yet vaccinated, to get vaccinated as soon as  possible to protect themselves.