Prime Minister Cites Visible Changes In Healthcare Service As He Begins A Series Of Meetings With Government Ministries

PR Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell has commended the recognisable improvement in the level of service provided in the country’s hospitals.  

Dr. Mitchell made the comments as he met Tuesday with Minister for Hospital and  Community Services, Honourable Delma Thomas and senior officers within that ministry. 

Speaking against the backdrop of the separation of hospital and community services from  the general health portfolio, Dr. Mitchell said the move was innovative and  transformational, and has yielded positive results. 

He said, “Since the introduction of this initiative, I can feel the difference. There is  evidence of significant change and I must commend you for that. We are far from being  perfect but the reality is that people are happy to see the change as it shows that  Government is listening to their complaints. We must continue to work on the weaknesses  that exist and bring about further improvement. I assure you that Government will  continue to invest tremendous resources to improve health services in Grenada but we  must continue to work together to bring about further change.” 

Dr. Mitchell acknowledged the Minister’s passion to effect change and he thanked the  healthcare workers for the many sacrifices made and their continued commitment to the  sector. He noted that while the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the challenges facing  the sector, he is confident that through the cooperation of all involved, further  improvements will come. 

Minister Thomas, who assumed responsibility for the Hospital and Community Services  portfolio six months ago, also thanked the team for their display of dedicated service,  particularly during the pandemic.  

She said, “I have been on the ground with you, I have seen many of you go beyond the  call of duty and I have seen firsthand some of the challenges in the system. You can rest 

assured of my continued willingness to be the champion for change in health care in  Grenada.” 

The series of meetings will provide an opportunity for ministry staff to share their  concerns, comments and general feedback with the Prime Minister, with a view to  effecting positive change and removing any roadblocks to desired levels of improvement.  

At Tuesday’s meeting, a number of concerns were raised, including the need for  additional human resources to effectively deliver on the increased range of services being  offered by the public health care system; appropriate training for healthcare professionals  and ancillary staff; disgruntlement among staff; a retention policy to curb the rapid  turnover of staff; greater emphasis on mental health and the urgent need to relocate the  Accident and Emergency Department to the Phase 2 building.  

The Prime Minister has promised to engage further with the Ministers and Permanent  Secretaries in the Ministry of Health to address the concerns raised. 

On the subject of COVID-19 vaccination, Dr. Mitchell sought greater support from health  professionals for the programme, noting that the voices of professionals will lend greater  credibility to importance of this as means of returning to normal.  

In closing, the Prime Minister asked for forbearance, as Government remains committed  to honouring the 4% salary increase for public officers, as soon as the country’s revenue  earnings can accommodate the increased wage bill.