Former GPWU President In Solidarity With Jude Bartholomew & The Grenada Union Of Teachers

PR – As immediate past president of the Grenada Public Workers’ Union (GPWU) and past 2nd Vice President of the Grenada Trades’ Union Council (GTUC), it is imperative that all Trade Unionist lend their voices to express solidarity with Bro. Jude Bartholomew, President of the GUT on this unfortunate and distasteful incident that occurred on Saturday, April 24th, 2021.

This action shows that our employers are proving more and more that they are an oppressive and dictatorship regime. One that would go to any lengths to suppress the rights of workers, specifically Public Service Officers. This is the action of a fearful employer who recognizes the power of workers.

Public Officers, the 4% struggle is important to indicate to our employer that we are the backbone in the economic and social development of this country. We should not allow ourselves to be intimidated and be fearful, because the injustices and disrespect by our employer will multiply. Public Officers we must value and appreciate ourselves and demand our respect. Safeguard the rights that we and our forefathers worked hard to achieve. Please, do not allow the institutional dignity and pride of Public Service that our forefathers fought so hard to achieve to vanish.

How can we not stand up now and protect our rights today, to secure the rights of our children, our grand-children, and great-grand-children tomorrow? How can we not say no to intimidation and oppression? Public Officers act wisely, do what is right and just to demand respect for the rights of Public Service Workers. We cannot only offer solidarity. It is not only a GUT struggle. The 4% struggle is much more than money.

Solidarity forever.

Rachel Roberts
Past President GPWU