TGM Statement On The Privatisation Of Maurice Bishop International Airport

PR – The Grenada Movement (TGM) urges the Government of Grenada  to urgently make a  categorical statement on its position and policy stance on the now hotly-debated issue  of the privatisation of the Maurice Bishop International Airport. 

This extremely sensitive issue was injected into the national discourse after the idea was  proffered last week, at a public ground-breaking event at which a substantial contingent  from the Cabinet was in attendance. The public disquiet caused by the statement placed  in the public domain by the Investor, and the loud applause by attendees, has added yet  another layer to the deep level of anxiety and angst felt by an overwhelming segment of  the  Grenadian  people; this,  at  a time  of  immeasurable  uncertainty  and  vulnerability  caused by Covid-19, and a growing level of division within the society. 

TGM  feels  strongly,  that an  interjection,  from  no  less  an  authority  than  the  Prime  Minister himself, who was present at the event, is necessary in providing the assurance  so desperately sought by the population. We are firm in our conviction that nothing that  constitutes a foreshadowing of public policy should come from an Investor. 

The vast majority of Grenadians, regardless of their affiliation, are united in  their view  that  the  Maurice  Bishop  International  Airport  must  not  only  be  managed  as  a  viable  commercial entity under the guidance and ownership of the State, but must be valued  as the singular national undertaking that brought pride to our nation at a defining time  of its history. 

The Grenada Movement  believes  that  now more  than ever,  clarity and leadership are  needed on issues such as this, and calls on Government to make clear its position on this  matter. Continued  silence  from  our  Government will be  construed  as  suggesting its  openness to the issue of privatisation of the MBIA.