Prime Minister Meets With Grenada Promoters Association To Explore The Possible Resumption Of Entertainment Events

PR Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell met Tuesday  with members of the Grenada Promoters Association to discuss the possible resumption of activity in the entertainment industry, which has been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The onset of the pandemic in Grenada since March 2020, placed an indefinite hold on  mass events, which are considered potential super-spreaders. While the measure has  served to help keep the population safe, the industry shutdown has seriously impacted  the livelihood of promoters and others whose earnings are directly linked to the staging  of events.  

With Grenada’s COVID-19 vaccination programme ongoing as a primary means of getting  back to normal, efforts are intensifying to reintroduce activities in the entertainment sector,  in a structured manner that will not compromise the safety of promoters, entertainers,  workers and patrons.  

The Prime Minister empathised with the promoters who have been without a source of  income for more than a year and he applauded their efforts to help chart the way forward. 

Dr. Mitchell said, “Human beings are by nature, social creatures. We cannot continue the  complete non-existence of cultural and other entertainment activities. No one could have  envisioned the widespread impact of the pandemic or the duration of that impact, but we  have to try and find ways to move forward. The health of people remains a fundamental  consideration in any decision, but there are also other factors to consider including the  ability of persons to earn a living.” 

The Prime Minister urged the promoters present to encourage their colleagues to use  their various platforms to help promote the Government’s vaccination programme, which  is key to restarting activity in some sectors.

The Grenada Promoters Association has made a number of recommendations on the  way forward including a set of regulations to guide the staging of events, entry point  procedures to capture contact-tracing information, food and bar service options to  minimise crowding in one location. In addition, the promoters have compiled a list of  entertainment venues and their respective capacities in keeping with COVID-19  protocols. The promoters have also recommended partnerships with the Ministry of  Health and COVID-19 Sub-Committee to share relevant information at events. 

The Prime Minister has promised urgent action on the matter, which includes a meeting  with the COVID-19 Sub-Committee to review the entertainment resumption protocols,  followed by a Cabinet submission, which will facilitate deliberation at the highest level and  a decision on the way forward.