Delron Felix Heads To UANA Meet In Preparation For Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 

PR – National Swimmer Delron Felix departs Grenada  today,  April  21,  2021  to  participate  in  the  UANA  Swimming  Tokyo  Qualifier.    The  competition slated for April 29th – May 2nd will be staged in Clermont Florida.  As a FINA approved event, swimmers who participate will be eligible to qualify for the 2020 Olympic  Games, Junior Pan-American Games, and World Championships. 

In spite of the set backs caused the by the COVID-19 pandemic, Felix has continued  to train with his eye set on attaining the qualifying standard for the Tokyo Olympic  Games. Felix presently holds the highest FINA points ranking and additionally he is  the only swimmer to have attained the Youth Olympic qualifying time. With Tokyo  on the horizon he now has his eyes set on the Olympic Games. 

Florida based Grenadian National Swimmer Kerry Ollivierre, is also carded to  participate in the Olympic Qualifier at UANA in his bid to make the qualifying standard for Tokyo. Ollivierre continues to pursue his swimming career at the  AZURA Training Camp on a FINA scholarship, similar to that which was completed  by Felix in 2019. 

Coach Nataly Sierra, will join Felix in Florida immediately on the heels of the just concluded World Para Swimming Competition, with National Para Swimmer Nye Cruickshank. 

The  Grenada  Amateur Swimming  Association  with  the  support  of  the  Grenada  Olympic  Committee continues to provide  the  technical assistance required  for  the development of  our swimmers as they seek to represent Grenada on the highest international stage.