Commendable Performance From Nye Cruickshank At Paraswimming Debut 

PR – Nye  Cruickshank  successfully competed  in  3  days of competition at the Para World Swimming Series in Lewisville Texas from April 15 – 17,  2021.    Prior  to  the  commencement  of  the  games  she  received  her  official  Para  Swimming  classification  of  S9  in  the  Freestyle,  Backstroke  and  Butterfly,  SM9  in  the  Individual Medley and S8 in the Breastroke. Now that Nye holds the official classification of  a Para Swimmer it will open opportunities for further competition. 

While  this  was  Nye’s  first  time  competing  in  a  Para  Swimming  event,  it  was  also an  opportunity for her to potentially make the qualifying standard for the Para Olympics later  this year in Tokyo.  Nye competed in the 100M Breaststroke, 50M Freestyle and 200M IM.   While  she  did  not make  the  qualifying  time in  either  of  the listed  events,  she performed  very well and was closest to obtaining the required time for the 100M Breaststroke.   

Grenada is afforded one wild Card for participation in the Para Olympic Games, therefore it  is yet to be determined if Nye will still have an opportunity to make her debut at the Para  Olympics in August 2021.  Nye returns to Grenada on April 21, 2021 and will continue her  training  in  preparation  for  future  competitions  and  possibly  attending  the  2020  Para  Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

Coach  Nataly  Sierra,  who  trained  and  accompanied  Nye,  has  played  a  key  role  in  her  development.   Nye  also  worked closely in  her  training  with  Coach  Ronald  Charles. GASA  would  like  to  register  its  continued  appreciation  for the level  of  dedication and  support  received from both coaches.  Coach Sierra will immediately join National Swimmer Delron  Felix as he competes at the UANA Swimming Tokyo Qualifier in Clermont Florida.