Press Release From Members Of The Boxing Association Of Grenada(BAG).

By Davis Adams Chairman: Steering Committee

As chairman of the organizing committee I take the very serious responsibility to send out this press release,

As many are aware the Boxing Association of Grenada Herein referred to as BAG has been without an executive for almost two years since a failed election of April 27th 2019.

This electoral process ended in dispute over proposed amended constitutional articles that were not brought to the membership for ratification.

Due to the objections of the membership no position was contested and members left disenfranchised. Since the past executive was already dissolved and the offices declared vacant through the constitutional powers of the Returning Officer, he advised that the electoral process be put on hold pending a decision as to the constitution that will guide the process. In this regard It was decided and agreed by the members that the former president will act in the interim, until the electoral process is reconvened. Unfortunately with the passing of the interim president, the association was left without an authorized representative or a legal executive to continue its management and the electoral process.

The BAG membership met and agreed to a three member committee to revisit and continue the electoral process. A date for the election was agreed. One member of the committee without consulting the other members of the committee nor the general membership changed the dates for election and sent out communication via a group chat and requesting that nomination forms be sent to him. In so doing he changed totally ignored all that were already decided, hence a completely new development in the electoral process.

The two other members of the committee sought wider representation from the general membership to continue the process. A meeting of members of the association was called on Saturday 17th April where members approved and ratified by unanimous vote the additional members of committee listed hereunder.

  1. Davis Adams- Chairman
  2. Sebastian Stiell- AIBA 3 Star Coach
  3. Nakitha Noel- Past executive member/recording secretary
  4. Lyle Bullen-lABA 1 Star Referee/judge
  5. Rufus Clement-Boxer

In addition the following decisions were made at the meeting of members:

  1. That any election called without authorization of committee mandated by the members is considered null and void.
  2. That all legal options will be considered to ensure that the Boxing Association of Grenada (BAG) gets an executive in a transparent and democratic manner.
  3. That no one person will be allowed to highjack the management of the association.
  4. That no one should represent the association as an executive since it was dissolved, on the 27th April, 2019.

We want to let the general mejmbership know that this steering committee will do everything to ensure that any new executive will be accountable to the members, and we call on them to stand by to take back the management of their sport and bring it back to the glory days of old.

Davis Adams

Chairman: Steering Committee

Nakitha Noel

Recording Secretary: Steering Committee