Grenada And Cuba Celebrate 42 Years Of Official Diplomatic Relations

PR –  Wednesday, April 14, 2021 will mark 42-years since the  establishment of official diplomatic relations between Grenada and the Republic of Cuba.  This was augmented with the establishment of diplomatic embassies with resident  ambassadors in Havana and St. George’s. 

Under the Technical Cooperation Agreement between both countries, Grenada and Cuba  have enjoyed close relations that have been mutually beneficial. 

Grenada is particularly grateful to Cuba for its dedication and sacrifice in supporting the  health and education sectors by providing countless doctors, nurses, and teachers. The  construction sector has also benefitted from the provision of Cuban engineers and  architects. During the past 42 years, Cuba has also provided numerous scholarships from  which many Grenadians have benefitted, and which have contributed to the country’s  development in various areas including medicine, nursing and engineering and many  other educational fields.  

The Maurice Bishop International Airport and the General Hospital stand as symbols of  Cuba’s contribution to the socio- economic development of Grenada. 

During challenging times, such as the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan and the current COVID 19 pandemic, Cuba has been a reliable friend, providing necessary assistance. Indeed,  as countries around the world struggle with the impact of COVID-19, Cuba’s provision of  medical equipment and personnel to Grenada is highly appreciated. 

Grenada cooperates with Cuba bilaterally, and at the multilateral level where we continue  to call for an end to the United States blockade against the Government and people of  Cuba which continues to cause severe hardships for the country and its people. 

The Government of Grenada remains committed to its longstanding relationship with the  Government and people of Cuba and looks forward to continued diplomatic relations for  the benefit of both countries.