Climate Resilient Agriculture Project Supports Upgrades for Propagation Stations

PR – Agriculture officials in Grenada have welcomed the continued partnership with the United Nations  Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Grenada as these efforts continue to improve  production within the sector and support a green response to COVID-19 recovery.  

The GEF/ UNDP Climate Resilient Agriculture for Integrated Landscapes Management Project is helping to  provide much-needed enhancements to propagation services in Grenada. Through this project being implemented in partnership with the Government of Grenada, upgrades will be undertaken at the various propagation stations which provide plantingmaterialsfor farmers acrossthe country, including fruit trees, spices, and ornamentals and food crops. 

During this initial phase of activities, the UNDP assistance will go towardsthe upgrading and expansion of the infrastructure system in the nurseries to enhance the propagation system, establish a zero-grazing system for cattle, and support for the procurement of other critical equipment, including steam soil steriliser machinery. 

It is anticipated that this particular initiative will result in significant cost savings for the propagation stations and directly benefit hundreds of farmers. 

During a recent tour of the Mirabeau Propagation Station, Agronomist, Allison Haynes, expressed optimism about the benefits to be derived, including an improved quality of propagated material. The use of a zero-grazing system for cattle will allow for the collection of pen manure to support propagation from a suitably managed source, which will in turn secure a more resilient agriculture operation by reducing the likelihood of introducing pests and disease to the station and to the lands of farmers who obtain materials from the facility. 

The steam soil steriliser being supplied by the GEF/ UNDP Climate Resilient Agriculture Project will also enable the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Forestry to improve the quality and resilience of its potting medium, reducing the level of contamination and mortality rate on the farm as well as the likely transfer of pests and disease to the lands of farmers. 

Rudo Udika, Coordinator for the Project, said the activities are part of UNDP’s long-standing partnership support to governments to protect biodiversity, slow deforestation, increase sustainable farming and enhance resilience to future shocks, including climate change and pandemics.