Karen Reid-Ballantyne Appointed Solicitor General In Grenada 

PR – Mrs. Karen Reid-Ballantyne has  been appointed as the Solicitor General of Grenada having commenced duties on April 1, 2021. Mrs. Reid-Ballantyne has over 17 years’ experience as an Attorney at-Law since her admission to the Bar in 2003, in Trinidad and Tobago. She has  also been admitted to practice in the OECS territories of the British Virgin Islands  since 2011 and Montserrat since 2012. 

Mrs. Reid-Ballantyne’s general practice areas are public law, employment law,  personal injuries, land law, contract law, company law and tort. She has gained  extensive experience in public law (judicial review of administrative actions and  constitutional law), having worked at the Solicitor General’s Department, the  Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, at the Attorney General’s Chambers in the British  Virgin Islands and as the Senior Legal Advisor for the Government of Montserrat. 

She has appeared before Her Majesty’s Privy Council, the High Court, Family  Court and Court of Appeal of Trinidad and Tobago and, the High Court and Court  of Appeal of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in various territories.