Volcanic Ash Advisory

PR – La Soufriere volcano, St. Vincent: Several explosive eruptions have occurred within the last six (6) hours. Satellite imagery shows the volcanic ash plume spreading well to the east and northeast of St. Vincent to as far as Barbados. Violent volcanic eruptions may occur suddenly without warning.

Saharan Dust: Observation of the Saharan Air Layer shows that there is a fair amount of Saharan dust in and around the Lesser Antilles including Grenada. In addition, model guidance of Surface Dust Concentration indicates that a significant concentration of dust is expected to persist for the next day or two.

Volcanic Ash: The Met Office has been receiving reports of deposits of ash-like particles on vehicles, vegetation, and buildings throughout the state of Grenada. While the forecast is for the ash to move off to the east and northeast of St. Vincent, it is possible for minute ash particles to spread southward and deposit over Grenada. These small and light particles can be carried over Grenada by the low-level winds as they descend through the atmosphere.
Ash deposition is likely to increase with periods of precipitation especially across northern parts of the state.

Warning: A marine advisory is in effect for persons venturing out at sea as a combination of Volcanic ash and Saharan dust is expected to reduce visibility.