Grenada’s First Para Swimmer To Compete In Her Bid To Qualify For Tokyo 2020


PR – The  Grenada  Amateur  Swimming  Association (GASA) is  proud  to  announce  that  Ms.  Nye  Cruickshank,  Grenada’s  first  Para  Swimmer,  will  compete  in  the  World  Para  Swimming  Competition in Lewisville, Texas from April 15 -17, 2021. 

Nye  and  Coach  Nataly  Regis  will  depart  the  island  on  Saturday  April  10th in  preparation  for  the  competition.    As part  of  this  trip,  Nye  will first  complete the  classification process officially deeming her a para swimmer.  Nye’s participation in  the  Lewisville World  Para  Swimming  event is  her bid  to  qualify  for  the  upcoming  2020 Paralympic Games that takes place in Tokyo, Japan later this year.  

Nye credits her determined  spirit  to  the  support  received  from  her  family,  particularly  her  grandparents  who  she  has  lived  with  from  the  age  of  4.  Since  starting to  swim at  the  tender  age  of  7,  she  gained  her  foundation  as  an  active  participant of the Dolphin Swim Club under the tutelage of Coach Michael Davidson.   Over  the  years Nye  continued  swimming,  and  has  always  dreamt  of  being  able  to  compete on this type of international stage. 

With  the  official  formation  of  the  Grenada  Paralympic  Committee (GPC) it  has  opened  the  avenue  for  swimmers  such  as  Nye to  be  officially  classified  as  a  Para  Athlete  and  compete  against  other  athletes  who  are  also differently  abled.   Competing against other para swimmers levels the playing field for her as an athlete  and removes the barriers to fair competition.    

GASA has always maintained a policy of inclusivity  for all swimmers as outlined in  its  Strategic  Plan;  hence Nye  has  competed  over  the  years in  regular  competition.   Through  collaboration  with  the  Grenada  Paralympic  Committee  and  the  Grenada  Olympic  Committee, GASA  has  provided  the  developmental  support  for Nye while  she trained to prepare for this opportunity.  Although her classification process was  delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nye persevered over the past year actively 

training with Coach Nataly and Ronald Charles in preparation  for this opportunity.  GASA  wishes  to  place  on  record  the  support  and  dedication  provided  by  the  two  coaches in allowing Nye to attain this milestone achievement.

At  a  press  conference  held  at  the  Grenada  Olympic  House  in  Morne  Rouge on  Thursday,  Permanent  Secretary  of  the  Ministry of  Sports,  Michael  Stephens,  GOC  President, Royston  LaHee,  GPC  President,  Ray  Robert  and  GASA  President, Peron  Johnson  all lauded Nye’s  efforts  to  arrive  at  this juncture in  her  swimming  career and  pledged  their  continued  support  for  her  further  development  in  her  bid  to  qualify for Tokyo 2020.