Local Contractor Completes Refurbishment Of The Down Street Toilet & Bathroom Facility.

PR – Under the Ninth Programme Cycle of the BNTF, the Ministry of Health together with  the St. Mark’s Women Welfare Group spearheaded the successful refurbishment of the Victoria Down  Street Toilet and Bathroom Facility. The refurbished facility guarantees better health and more convenience  for 405 beneficiaries, with improved access to quality water supply and sanitation services.  

Down Street, in the heart of Victoria, St. Mark’s, brims with residential homes, small shops, schools,  churches, sporting facilities, and a service center. It is also a central area for fisher folk who ply their trade  along the seacoast. In addition to being a boon for the whole community, during the period of infrastructural  works the sub-project was a source of employment for eight (8) males and one (1) female. 

Local contractor Selwyn Peters of Victoria, St. Mark’s was awarded the contract in the sum of EC $91,  962.05, which included demolition and down-takings, plumbing and new sanitary installations, joinery,  electrical installation, floor and wall finishes, and painting and decorating the facility. Additionally, the  facility has been outfitted with a changing room and storage lockers, and an attendant room for maintenance  workers. 

Speaking on behalf of the welfare arm and members of the community, Chairperson Ms. Vaudlyn Baptiste  said, “Completion of this project will not only provide improved access to sanitary facilities for use by  residents, but also employment opportunities for two (2) caretakers from within the community.  Maintenance management will be important towards ensuring the refurbished facility does not fall into  dilapidation and for this reason the group has agreed that the facility will be operated on a pay-and-use  basis.”  

KizzyAnn Abraham, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at BNTF disclosed that, “Caretakers can look  forward to participating in a five (5) day intensive Maintenance Management Workshop, whereby they will  receive hands on training in maintenance theory and concepts; preparation of maintenance plans;  preparation of a maintenance schedule; supervision of maintenance works; and evaluation and supervision  of maintenance works.”