Grenada And Venezuela Celebrate 44 Years Of Official Diplomatic Relations

PR – Forty-four years ago, on this date, 7th April, 1977, Grenada and  Venezuela established formal diplomatic relations. This was cemented with the establishment of  diplomatic embassies with resident ambassadors in Caracas and St. George’s. 

The past 44-years have been characterised by mutual respect, friendly relations, and technical  cooperation that have consistently grown over time, with numerous projects being undertaken by the  Government and people of Venezuela for the benefit of the Government and people of Grenada.  These projects include the Venezuelan multi-project including the Tanteen pavillion, the St. George’s  Market Square, and the Forde Bridge. In addition, the Community Centre at Mt. Toute and the La  Calome Housing Project have provided a much-needed recreation centre for Grenada’s youth and  affordable housing to meet needs of many Grenadians.  

These projects and others, have cemented the relations Grenada has with Venezuela. Perhaps the  most memorable is the work done on the second phase of the General Hospital, undertaken together  with the Republic of Cuba. 

As we celebrate this 44th anniversary of diplomatic relations, we are cognisant of the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the generosity of the Venezuelan Government in using its own  aircraft to distribute PCR tests, medical equipment and personnel to Grenada and the other OECS  member states. Venezuela has also generously pledged $200,000 for the purchase of COVID-19  vaccines for the OECS countries. 

Grenada looks forward to further collaboration, not only at the bilateral level, but also through the  Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA) and the Community of Latin American  and Caribbean States (CELAC), as we face many challenges together.