Prime Minister Receives Investment Migration Roundtable Report

PR Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell has been  presented with a copy of the report from the inaugural Investment Migration Roundtable,  held here in November 2020. 

Managing Director of the Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd., Richard Duncan,  accompanied by the bank’s Executive Manager for Sales and Service, Willvorn Grainger,  presented the report to the Prime Minister on Tuesday. 

Mr. Duncan said, Co-operative Bank, as the event organiser, is working towards  implementation of some of the recommendations contained in the report. He also noted  that plans are being put in place for the 2021 event, which will again be held in November. 

He pledged the bank’s commitment to working with Government and the Citizenship by  Investment Unit to develop a stronger sector that can continue to make a significant  contribution to the development of the country.  

Dr. Mitchell expressed his gratitude for the report, and applauded the bank’s initiative in  bringing together investment migration stakeholders in Grenada. 

He said, “The bank’s leadership in this area is extremely important and the act of bringing  all the major stakeholders together, has the potential to result in tremendous positive  benefits for the sector and for the country as a whole. Government reognises that we  need to further professionalise the investment migration sector so that the country can  make maximium benefits of the programme, while at the same time, maintaining the  integrity of the programme and protecting the country’s image. I applaud the initiative and  I am keen to see how we can move the sector forward.” 

Investment migration is recognised as a global phenomenon through which many  countries attract investors for development projects, in exchange for which they can apply  for and be approved for second citizenship.