Grenada Meteorological Service Celebrates World Meteorological Day With Clean-Up Activity At Devil’s Bay Beach

PR – As the staff of the Grenada Meteorological Service celebrated World Meteorological Day ( on the 23rd March 2021), a Beach Clean- up Activity was conducted at Devil’s Bay Beach on the 26th March, 2021, since this year’s theme was The Ocean , Our Climate and Weather.

With the ocean being one of the main influencers to the weather, the main goal was to highlight the preservation of the ocean and maritime ecosystems (Action against pollution).

As a tourist destination, notable efforts are constantly made to keep our beaches properly maintained.

However, Devil’s Bay Beach is a secluded location and is frequently used by fishermen other persons in their quest for relaxation, adventure and fun.

Observations revealed that litter from these activities is not properly disposed and the pollution problem has exacerbated as a result of illegal dumping and the lack of bins and anti-litter signage in the environs of the entrance to this beach.

Hence, the Met services decided that our contribution would be more meaningful by cleaning this site.

Fifteen (15) large bags of garbage were collected

About 80% of the waste consisted of plastic bottles and bags . The remaining 20% accounted for various micro plastics ,Styrofoam , paper ,articles of clothing, and a plastic chair.